The Tagore Centre UK

September 20, 2016
by The Tagore Centre UK

Help us raise £50,000 to save The Tagore Centre UK

The Tagore Centre UK exists to promote the extraordinary works and life of Rabindranath Tagore, a myriad-minded literary genius, arguably Indian’s greatest artist and the first non-European recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Centre is open to all communities and cultures and is committed to spreading Tagore’s message of universal humanity beyond all geographical boundaries.

However,  our lease with Haringey Council is up and we have to purchase a new one in order for the Centre to remain at its home in Alexandra Park Library, North London, where it has been since it was established in 1985. In addition, we will need investment to help with rent, maintenance fees, insurance and staffing costs.

Please help us, click below and give as little or as much as you can and share this link with friends and supporters of Tagore. Please leave your name and a message of support; we would be grateful to receive any amount, whether it’s £10 or £1000, every penny counts.

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Without your help, this internationally recognised centre, the only one of its kind in the UK, will close, leaving this generation and the next bereft of the amazing learning resources and special contacts the centre has collated over the years.

There is still plenty of work for us to do, and much of Tagore’s works and life to convey to a new generation of children and adults from all backgrounds as throughout our existence, we have always been committed to ensuring that Tagore is available to as many people from all walks of life, and not just the Indian Diaspora.

Through public campaigns, events, conferences, lectures and discussions (many free to our members) we have been spreading the word, not just of Tagore, but also of Indian Culture. Click here to find out more about our achievements.

Thank you for all your support.