Throughout our existence, we have always been committed to ensuring that the work and life of Tagore is available to as many people of all ages and walks of life as possible, and not just the Indian Diaspora. Through public campaigns, events, conferences, lectures and discussions (many free to our members) we have been spreading the word, not just of Tagore, but also of Indian Culture and making it easily accessible to those unfamiliar of his work and culture.

Just to bring two to the forefront;  Tagore in the English Schools Curriculum, the Centre considers it a lobbying success in gaining inclusion of Tagore in The National Curriculum in 2000. This was an important landmark, helped by Mr.  Michael Marland, a Head Teacher and a Tagore scholar.

And our Help with Research, Translation and Education, the Centre is keen to provide research materials for scholars and is pleased to see its assistance acknowledged in books such as the Bosnian translation of “Dakghor” which it also partly funded. The Centre encourages new translations and provides guidance to PhD students in their research.  The scholars and PhD students who have benefitted from its resources constitute too considerable a number to mention here: they originate from different parts of the world and some of them by now are well-known figures.

In addition to some of the above, here are some achievements of which we are particularly proud: