Publications for sale

The Tagore Centre has been involved with the publications of Tagore related materials such as translations, anthologies and works of scholarship. Each of these publications are for sale and can be purchased by emailing

This World is Beautiful is an anthology for younger readers, edited by S Bhattacharyay, K Kundu, J Pervin and K Sircar.

The lectures delivered by the International scholars  at the seminar Rabindranath Tagore:  A Creative Unity in 2000 have been published in book form under the same title, edited by A Biswas and C Gordon-Graham.

He is a translation of Tagore’s children’s stories of fantasy, translated by K Kundu and A Loynes.

The Parrot’s Training is an illustrated translation of Tagore’s “Totakahini” for the junior classroom by Debjani Chatterjee.

Rabindranath Tagore and The British Press is a compilation of news reports between 1912 and 1941 showing the intense curiosity and scrutiny focused on Tagore during his visits to the UK, edited by K Kundu, S Bhattacharyay and K Sircar.

Imagining Tagore: Tagore and The British Press is an enlarged edition of Rabindranath Tagore and the British Press featuring nearly 759 news items. Although this book was published by Sahitya Samsad, Kolkata it incorporated the research sponsored by the Tagore Centre and was edited by members of the Tagore Centre Executive Committee.

Purabi is a miscellany in memory of Tagore,  containing contributions by Satyajit Ray, Nirod C Chaudhuri, E P Thompson, Ray Monk, William Radice, Pico Lyre and many others, edited by K Dutta and A Robinson.

The Post Office is a new translation of Tagore’s “Dakghor” by William Radice. The play being as relevant today as it was in war torn Poland where it was staged in 1942, this book fascinates one and every reader.

Italy Safare Rabindranath O Mussolini Prasanga (In Bengali) is an analytical study of Tagore’s controversial tour in Mussolini’s fascist Italy in 1925 and 1926. The research by Kalyan Kundu was sponsored by the Tagore Centre.

Rabindranath Tagore: A Timeless Mind is a special commemorative volume published in 2011 to celebrate Tagore’s 150th birthday. It is a compilation of 29 articles from Tagore scholars from 18 countries, edited by A Biswas, C Marsh and K Kundu. This publication was financed by the ICCR, New Delhi and was launched by the President of India  Sri Pranab Mukherji.

“Over the Years” is a CD of songs published from the Tagore Centre which is a compilation of esteemed Rabindrasangeet recitals in London.