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Would you travel with Rabindranath Tagore?

Yes, I am a traveller, Nothing can hold me back, False are the bindings of pleasure and pain, The homely ...
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Forming Letters, Writing Poems

by Aurogeeta Das   As a trained printmaker, I enjoy the immediacy of print. The uniformity and formality of print carries ...
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Tagore’s Birds

Of Word and Image, Song and Silence by Aurogeeta Das Plate 244, Coloured ink on paper 34.7 x 22.2 cm ...
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Towards a Tagorean Utopia

From Rural Reconstruction to Transition Towns by Chris Marsh In this brief presentation I will outline connections between Tagore’s work on ...
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Behind the Beard

Here’s a short extract to complement some of the points Matthew Pritchard makes in his discussion of Tagore’s reception in ...
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A New Approach to Tagore’s Music

by Matthew Pritchard A version of this article was first given as a talk at The Tagore Centre UK on 8th ...
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