Tagore Centre Bijoya Dashami 2021 event

On Saturday 23rd October, 1.30 – 3.30 PM we will be holding the first of our in-person post-pandemic events at the Centre. To some degree we are still uncertain about Covid hesitancy, so this event will be a post-pandemic pilot to gauge what kind of participation can be expected. As we will have just passed Durga Puja at that time, we will take the opportunity to make this a Bijoya Dashami event, and we will be welcoming performances from members. Anybody who is interested in singing, dancing, reading a short story or article, reciting poetry, playing a short piece on an instrument etc, please register with the Tagore Centre at the email addresses given below. As we cannot have too many people in the room, at this item we have decided to restrict the event to about 10 performances, so that each participant can bring one other person and hopefully there will be room for a few more people as non-performing audience.

Please note that the performers can be children or adults, and may cover any genre of Indian culture: performances are not restricted to Tagore’s world of works.

Performers may register at the following addresses (only the first 10 requests will be accepted):

Sandra sandra@tagorecentre.org.uk
Srabantika srabantikad@yahoo.co.uk
Modhusree modhusree@hotmail.co.uk

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