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Registered as a charity, no: 800060

Established in 1985 by co-founders Sakti Bhattacharyya and Kalyan Kundu, the Tagore Centre UK exists to promote and disseminate the prodigious creativity of Rabindranath Tagore, a myriad-minded literary Colossus, an outstanding thinker of the 20th Century and the first non-European recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Tagore Centre is a registered charity, with a written constitution and run by a democratically elected Executive Committee. The Centre is open to all communities and cultures and is committed to spreading Tagore’s message of universal humanity beyond all geographical limits. The Centre has a branch in Glasgow at The Mitchell Library.

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)

Tagore was a poet, philosopher, novelist, singer, lyricist, painter, playwright, educationalist and environmentalist. He was the composer of the national anthems of both India and Bangladesh. His body of literature which upholds universal humanistic values is deeply sympathetic to the dignity of women and the socioeconomically deprived common person.

As most of his works are in Bengali, which poses a barrier for those who don’t speak the language, interested readers across the world have been so moved by the sublime tone of his writings that they have opted to learn Bengali in order to access his works as well as the unique musical genre created by him – Rabindrasangeet – in the original.

The Centre is primarily a substantial lending library consisting of books, journals, photographs, CDs and videos of Tagore and his work. The majority of these are in English and available to all our members. As a publishing house, we have produced books aimed at children, students, scholars and the general public – many of these are translations of Tagore’s actual stories as well as information about the man himself. All of our publications, which we commission and produce, are in English.


The Tagore Centre regularly runs seminars, workshops and classes based on Tagore’s work as well as holding lectures given by distinguished scholars in their specialist fields with topics based on Tagore and his work. These are held at the Centre as well as other venues and all members are welcome to attend.

The Team/Executive Committee

Acting Chair Modhusree Dey-Ghatak

Sanjay Dasgupta
Sunith Lahiri

Ruby Bunker

Committee Members
Photik Biswas
Dr Devi Kundu
John Kundu (digital and data officer)
Dr Kalyan Kundu
Biddyut Saha

Sandra Menzies

Contact details

Email: contactus@tagorecentre.org.uk

Please note, for the foreseeable future, the Centre and Library that houses it will be closed. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic.