The Library

The Centre houses one of the largest collections of materials relating to the life and works of Tagore outside India, including some original and by definition, very precious, artefacts.

Apart from his own 29 volumes of writings, it also houses an assemblage of additional texts – literature about the life and times of Tagore, critical analyses of Tagore’s works in English and Bengali, translations of Tagore’s works in various languages including Urdu, Hindi, German, Serbo-Croat, Polish, Russian, Spanish,  French and Japanese, newspaper cuttings from the British Press covering Tagore’s visits to the West, prints of Tagore’s paintings – Tagore produced about two thousand highly personalised paintings towards the end of his life – and a large collection of photographs covering Tagore’s life and times including his sojourn in thirty four countries of the world.

There is also a music library housing Rabindrasangeet (Tagore’s songs) and classical Indian music. The Centre’s collection is the result of some members` personal and voluntary dedication, commitment and research in terms of selecting, acquiring and catalouging, not to mention the effort required for the maintenance of these items.

The Centre’s work has been recognised by The British Library, Dartington Centre of Art, Devon, UK and the Visva-Bharati University, which has provided assistance in the Centre’s endeavours. Recently King’s college, London has instituted a Tagore Centre of Global Studies (Indian Chapter) and Napier University, Edinburgh inaugurated a Scottish Centre of Tagore Studies – both working in collaboration with the Tagore Centre UK.

The Centre provides a venue for public performances of Indian art and culture especially related to Tagore, and collects and disseminates information on all matters regarding Tagore’s vast literary legacy and exchanges information with other bodies sharing similar aims and programmes.

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